We founded our 'Be a hero, make a difference' team in January 2020.

Be a hero, make a difference


It helped state the Board’s ambition that we were placing Diversity, Inclusion and Respect at the heart of everything we do.

Our DI&R change programme is split into three internal networks: Pride, Origin and Balance, which all employees new and old are encouraged to get involved in when they join!

Meet the networks below!

The networks.

The Pride Network

The Pride Network’s mission is to celebrate and embrace with the LGBTQ+ community whilst providing a support network for LGBTQ+ employees. The network aims to take on accountability for progressive LGBTQ+ focussed workplace change. The network has achieved a lot since beginning its journey, to het an idea of the types of changes the network has helped to create, check out the below.

  • Signed the Trans in the City Charter.
  • Host Trans Awareness weeks.
  • Raised understanding internally, including the importance of pronouns on email signatures and LinkedIn.
  • Partnered with The Outside Project.
  • Our Paternity Scheme changed to support non-cis/hetero families.

Hear from our Pride Network Leader – Jake Freeman to hear more!

The Origin Network

The Origin Network’s mission is to support a race inclusive culture and provide a safe space for employees to educate themselves on social issues and race, class, religion and heritage.

The Origin Network is a very active group at Goodman Masson and we are proud of the work we have achieved so far, check out some of our work below.

  • ‘Programme One’ designed to address anti-back racism. You can find out more about this here.
  • Building relationships with charities and bursary platforms. Such as The Aleto Foundation and the Amos Bursary
  • Raising internal awareness of religious celebrations

Hear from our Origin Network Leader – James Turner to hear more!

The Balance Network

The Balance Network’s mission is to support gender equality through encouraging positive career support and progression, creating more balanced gender representation across all levels of Goodman Masson.

The Balance Network has been responsible for very important initiatives and changes across the business, check them out below.

  • Enhanced Maternity Policy
  • Frequent webinars with external speakers who are prominent female leaders in the recruitment sector
  • Pairing external mentors with our employees

Hear from our Balance Network Leader – Alice Morton to hear more!

The Access Network

Access is our newest network. Access is a network committed to ensuring the wellbeing of all GM employees, in an environment that is accessible to all and which encompasses disability, mental health and physical health.

Hear from our Access Network Leader – Richard Smith to hear more!


Diversity, Inclusion & Respect Training

With Diversity, Inclusion & Respect sitting at the heart of Goodman Masson, every employee goes through the following training.


With Diversity, Inclusion & Respect sitting at the heart of Goodman Masson, every employee goes through the following training.

  • Understanding the 9 characteristics protected by the equalities act and the difference between direct and indirect discrimination.
  • Explaining the difference between positive action and discrimination.
  • Identifying unconscious bias.
  • How to lawfully take positive action in partnership with our clients.
  • Steps everyone can take to be consciously inclusive.

DI&R NED Appointment

Meet Lenna Cumberbatch!


DI&R NED Appointment

Meet Lenna Cumberbatch!

Lenna is our Non-Executive Director who was appointed to help shape and guide us on our DI&R approach!

Lenna has over 20 years working experience in the UK and USA as a D&I strategist and is currently undertaking a PhD at the University of St Andrews where is is researching D&I change.

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